With a strong belief in the power of positive music, The JaJa's are probably best known for their passion for writing "on the fly" for a lesson, conference or cause.  

The JaJa's latest single "I Am a Ray of Hope" has a "World" feel and a truly global message - a simple call to action, that together, we can take a stand for the earth, her creatures, her peoples. Released in June 2013, this song was inspired by Ray Madaghiele's "Ray of Hope" campaign. Many people participated in it's production, and the release of this song went viral in the first week, and skyrocketed The JaJa's to #1 in the ReverbNation Singer/Songwriter charts in Phoenix, AZ.

The JaJa's - Barb Horton and Jeanne Maclaughlin - are best friends and a singer/songwriter duo for 16 years. Lots of earthy folk, blues, jazz and rock influences that range from Indigo Girls to Janice Joplin and Aretha Franklin drive their organic sound. Their live performances are fun, animated, inspirational and passionate. The JaJa's have released three inspirational CDs - The first two - Pieces of Life, and Shift the Drift have strong jazz and rock influences. 

Working in conjunction with Summit records, The JaJa's released their third CD in 2012. You Just Got to Believe is an amazing collection of "folksy" music inspired by friends, family, ministers, teachers, and the beauty of the great outdoors. The CD will take you on journeys from mountain creeks to sandy beaches, exploring the beauty of both our outer and inner worlds. Both are prolific songwriters, and Barb has been called "the sister of Bob Dylan," spinning stories into songs that move and inspire.  They are currently working on their fourth CD - On The Edge - and it promises to keep you there (in a good way)!

Jeanne & Barb met in corporate America in the summer of 1998, when they discovered they had some incredible things in common - just to name a few - they were both singers, their moms were born one day apart in 1936, and both grew up on a street named "Dewey" - Jeanne in Wisconson, and Barb in New Jersey. They have been writing and singing together ever since.
The JaJa's delightful energy, deep friendship, engaging music, and their passion for making a difference in the world come through both their recorded music and live performances, and make an amazing contribution to any event.


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