6-15-2012 - Jeanne's Word

 I feel incredibly blessed as a music minister. I have the opportunity to constantly practice what I sing about… integrity. I’ve been confronted lately with how much of a control freak I can be. What is it like to be a control freak you ask? When I’m feeling out of control, I feel like a victim, boo hoo, nobody cares about me, I feel separate, I don’t matter, and I am constantly in judgment of others. For example when others are late, I want to make them wrong, and I tend to take it personal, even though I know darn well (on a different level) that it isn’t personal.

My spiritual coach recently asked me to look at it from the stand point of “what lesson am I supposed to receive from this” so that I can put it to bed. After all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be the kind of person who lets things just roll off her shoulders, nothing takes my peace type of person? I realized that when I am in judgment of another, I am being unconscious. When I am unconscious, I am either living in the past or the future, not the now. When I am unconscious the vibration of my thoughts are very low, and when I operate at a low vibration, I attract other things that match that vibration. So it is imperative that I become conscious as soon as possible.

One of the ways that can help me get out of the judgment is to say a prayer: Mother / Father God, you are forever present within me, in my heart, and I am grateful. I affirm in this moment that I am loved, and I am one with and supported by all life. I am grateful for your help to resolve my need to control things. I don’t know how to do it. I invite you into my relationship with this person now; help me to see/get the lesson so that I may move out of the need for control and into a place of peace, understanding and Divine Order. Help me to accept this person exactly the way they are, for everyone is perfect, exactly the way they are, and are simply a mirror of me, reflecting back to me what I need to learn about myself. Thank you God for answering my prayer! And So It Is!

I love the feeling when I’ve been able to resolve a conflict in this way. Expanding my consciousness, creating space around the smallness of how I was being. It’s almost funny how I can be so upset with someone, when in the end, I just needed to change my perspective. The upset is never over there, it is always created within us.

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