The JaJa's CD#4 - On The Edge!

We were "on the edge" when we found out our favorite sound studio is temporarily decommissioned.  Our prayers are with you, Bryan.  Needless to say, this left us searching for a new engineer to begin work on our fourth CD - On The Edge.  

All good things to those who wait...  Through a series of events, we found not only a sound engineer, but a producer for our new CD.  We will be working with him in between his tours with Stevie Nicks and other icons in the industry.  We laid down the vocals for our first track on Friday, 9/12.  

This discovery wouldn't be possible without seeking out and reuniting with a long lost friend and band member from my early twenties - a guitar player from an alternative group called The Flood.  It's been a joyful, nostalgic reunion, and I'm thrilled to hear his amazing, soul-speak guitar style once again.  Thank you, Kim.

With all the blessings pouring in, I am so very grateful for the challenges in my life as well.  As I push through them, move through constraint, fear and old patterns, I emerge to find these outrageous blessings on the other side.

I pray the same for you.

In Joyful Song,

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