There Is Enough!

There Is Enough! 3-26-2012
I had a humbling experience this week as a song writer. I forwarded my song There Is Enough to the Music Minister as a suggestion to sing that following Sunday, and he told me that my song just didnt work for him and he challenged me to change it. My first human reaction was What a jerk! I immediately took his comment personal. Rather than see that he was attempting to improve the structure of the song to make it better, I felt he was attacking me personally.

I responded to him in a short and sassy kind of way and told him that Id been singing that song for two years the way that it is and that we already recorded it that way in the studio, but I would take a look and see if I could figure out a way to sing it differently for him. That night I couldnt sleep. The feedback he gave me was actually really good! What didnt work for him was that I was singing happy positive words yet the music line descended downward. In other words, on a piano, my song went from high C down to low C while I was singing happy words. I certainly would never talk that way. I wouldnt tell you I was so happy and yet sound like a deflating balloon. I very quickly figured out the solution and told him that I agreed with his feedback, I fixed it and I thanked him.

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