There Is Enough - continued

He came back and said, “good! Now the song needs a bridge.” That meant a change in the structure/chords/and possibly the timing of the song!!! I was so frustrated, mainly because I don’t know how to do that musically and I would have to bring in the big guns on that and call Barb. It almost stopped me because I had it that Barb is too busy and will get frustrated with me needing her help.

So out came my theme songs… “I can’t and I’m not good enough!”

Thankfully, I swallowed my pride and called Barb and we had a great conversation about it. She told me how hard it has been for her in the past when someone critiques her songs, that she takes it as a personal attack rather than being open to the idea that the song could use some improvement. Over time though she acknowledged that every time she gave up her ideas of it being a personal attack, and opened her heart to the feedback she never regretted it. After all, if one person feels that way about the song, there will be others that feel that way too.

We started talking about the purpose of the bridge. To us it should be the epiphany of the song, the “breakthrough” if you will. We applied the idea to our lives and came to an agreement on the fact that we are in the flow of abundance and grace when we step into our purpose with gratitude and faith and let God take care of the rest. Then we agreed to hang up the phone and just allow the words and the rhythm to come to us. Within twenty minutes, we both received words, and Barb received the rhythm as well. She called me and sang it to me, and I loved it! She promised to record it and type up the new words and chords and send it off to the Music Minister. He responded almost immediately with “That works great! Thank you for being willing to make the changes! See you tomorrow.”

After the services we had several people compliment us on the song. One man told me that I had him in tears. Another man walked up to us and said “Great job today, I really enjoyed your songs, especially that one song.” I immediately thought that he meant the other song, (that Barb wrote) and he said no, I really liked the first one you sang, “There Is Enough!”

When I saw the music minister in the morning, he asked me if I was mad at him for critiquing my song. I laughed and said, well at first I thought… “What a JERK!” He laughed. I explained how grateful I was that he had the courage to teach me. It was excellent feedback and ultimately, the song now has an impact on people where as before, it really didn’t. Later, the three of us discussed it. He smiled and admitted that he knew how I felt. Being a song writer himself he has also felt as though it was a personal attack rather than a comment on the structure of the song when others critiqued his music. It was a great cleansing conversation. I feel like the three of us bonded in that moment.

God is so good! He sends us angels in the form of friends to help us grow, and learn and love ourselves so that we can have impact on others too.

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