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I Am a Ray of Hope!  Purchase the song here and 50% of proceeds go to the World Vision organization committed to creating a better world for children.  Prepare to take a peaceful stand for a united global community committed to the stewardship of the earth, her creatures, and her people...

Almost a full year in the making, Jeanne MacLaughlin and myself, Barb Horton, known asThe JaJa's - have never spent this much time on a single song. The really beautiful thing, is that all involved in the project took the vow to be the change. So many people contributed to this song – beginning with our ascended teachers including my father, Paul Frei, Sr., and Rev. Joel Baehr, all of whom helped shaped us into the people necessary to bring this project to life.  And then there is the AMAZING COMMUNITY who breathed LIFE into this song...


Community - The people who made this happen

Of course, most special thanks to Ray & Lyn Madaghiele, who challenged us, lit a fire under us to write this special song, inspired by his book (Ray of Hope: Inspiring Peace), his teachings and his amazing #IAMARAYOFHOPE campaign. For more on Ray & Lyn, and their amazing journey, please visit From Creative Living Fellowship, thanks also to Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington and Greg Peterson and his work related to who inspired some important modifications to the lyrics, and to Rev. Lonnie Whittington for his beautiful artwork for our release.

Thanks to the spiritual communities of our sister churches - Unity of Mesa and Creative Living Fellowship. From Unity of Mesa, thanks to Doug Mathews and our AV Teams, Jimmy Boyd for his brotherhood, wisdom and amazing vision of this music, The One Voice of Love Choir from Creative Living Fellowship, the Love in Action Choir from Unity of Mesa. Thanks to the amazing interpretation, vision, love, support and vocals of Rev. Renee Morgan Brooks, Gail Clay, Will Zecco, and Cerise Patron, Point of Light, Bryan Edgar and db Digital Studio for your willingness to do everything it took to see this project through - all from our musical communities. Thanks to Will Zecco, KC Miller and Iko Tsunoma from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, (our educational community who us through our Spiritual Studies program through ordination. Thank you to Jaudiel "Enáno" Flores and Maria Palacios Gianfrancesco for your contributions! And thanks to Shashi Kiran and Shruthi Thimmaiah, Jayson and Susan Huddy, Charlie Wen, from my work community, Lyne from Jeanne's neighborhood community, Amy MacLaughlin (Jeanne's sister) and Charles Power and Lovie - from Jeanne's family community, and from my family, my husband David Horton, daughter Faith, and my Mom, Amelia Frei who supported me every step of the way on this musical journey.

Special thanks to Babylyne Isa. She is such a powerful STAND for community, that the very night she showed up to the studio, the stars began to align, people kept their promises and showed up, and within 7 days the project was done. In a moment of inspiration, we invited Babylyne to write and perform the amazing “Prayer Rap” in the middle of the song, and she took it on without a moment of hesitation. Thank you, Danke, Grazie, Mahalo... there are insufficient words in the universe to express my gratitude to you. And thanks to Ke`ala Kwan, from Babylyne’s community - he is the Hawaiian Languages Department Head at the Kamehameha Schools, for his guidance and support.

Most of all, thanks to each of you who choose to take a stand with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you GOD – for bringing us together as one global community. I am, You are, We are, a Ray of Hope! And So it Is!!! Blessings and Peace – The JaJa’s

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